Bailey was raised up alongside cats and dogs her entire life.  She has a pug named Sam and a Pit Bull named Drake.  In high school she showed pigs and cows.  Like her mom, she has a soft heart for every animal; big or small, she loves them all.  She has degrees in Pre-Nursing and Respiratory Therapy and when she's not taking care of patients as a Respiratory Therapist she helps take care of Critter Sitters fur babies. 

Donna grew up in Bonaire, when it used to be considered the country.  She had dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, horses, ponies and a goat named Bandit.  She and her family now have seven dogs, one fish and one cat.  After retiring from the corporate world she turned her passion of love for animals into a business.  (Actually, it's because her husband said she couldn't bring any more animals home so she figured out a way she could still, in a sense, have more animals). Donna also owns Donna's Designs, a decorating and monogramming cottage in the heart of Bonaire.


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